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NHDRA – Tax Collectors Assistance Page

Low & Moderate Homeowners Property Tax Relief Form (DP-8)

Real Estate Subject to IRS Tax Liens

IRS Form Notice of Sale of Property

IRS Form Contact Info

Important Notice: As a result of a New Hampshire Bankruptcy decision which impacts the procedures Tax Collectors use to collect taxes, NHTCA Legal Counsel Bernard Campbell has drafted 2 notices for use with the various notification processes. One is for the “Notice of Arrearage” (RSA 76:11-b) and the other for “Notice of Lien” (RSA 80:60) [see links below]. Each municipality should decide whether they want to pre-print the language on their notices or separately insert the forms with the letters only for taxpayers in bankruptcy. All Tax Collectors are encouraged to contact their municipal attorney for guidance. (03/23/11)

Notice of Arrearage – Doolan Case
Notice of Tax Arrearage

Impending Lien Notice – Doolan Case
Notice of Impending Lien

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act

Repurchase Calculation

Sample Mortgagee Search Authorization

MS61 2015 Conference

MS61 2015 -Consolidated