Duties of Officers/Committees


The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and of the Executive Committee and shall have a voice and vote in the proceedings thereof. The President shall appoint the members of all standing and special committees unless otherwise specified and shall call meetings of the Executive Committee whenever he shall deem it necessary. He shall consider all bills against the Association as submitted to him by the Secretary and shall order the Treasurer to pay such as may be approved. He shall also submit a report to the Association at the annual meeting. The President shall read any resolutions that are necessary at the annual meeting.

The First Vice-President shall preside at meetings of the Association or of the Executive Board in the absence of the President, and, in the event of death or resignation of that officer, he shall take over and perform all of the duties of that office until the end of the term for which the President was elected. He/she will oversee the county coordinators and mentor program and new collectors.

The Second Vice-President in the temporary or permanent absence of both the President and First Vice-President, shall assume the duties and obligations of the President and shall discharge the same according to the Constitution and By-laws. He/she will sit on the Education Committee as a member.

The Secretary shall be the clerk of the association at the Annual or Special Meetings and shall act as a clerk of the Executive Board, ex officio, keeping an accurate record of the proceedings thereof. The Secretary shall conduct all correspondence relating to the work of the Association – except in reference to duties specifically assigned to other officers – and shall make a report to the Association at the Annual Meeting. The Secretary shall be charged with the assessment and collection of the annual dues of the members and shall receive all bills and charges against the Association, recording and forwarding the same to the president for approval. Within thirty (30) days after receipt of any money due the Association, the Secretary shall forward the same to the Treasurer, taking his receipt therefor. At the Annual Meeting of the Association this officer shall present a report as to the financial standing of the membership.

The Treasurer shall be charged with the proper care and deposit of all funds received by him/her from the Secretary and other sources and shall pay out the same such bills and charges against the Association as may be approved and forwarded to him/her by the President. The Treasurer shall invest the funds of the Association in such bonds or securities as may be voted by the Association or recommended by the Executive Board, and shall give a report on the financial condition of the Association at its annual convention.

The Director of Public Relations shall be the advertising, press and publicity officer of the Association and shall in all ways endeavor to promote a better understanding between the taxpayer and the tax collector as to their mutual responsibilities. The Director of Public Relations shall also, when called upon, aid the President, officers and committees in giving desired publicity to the work of the Association. He shall edit and cause to be published bulletins or newsletters of interest to members of the Association to aid him in supplying data or information for publication.

The Director at Large shall be the out-going President. He shall assist the President’s transition to the office and complete such unfinished business from his term as directed by the President.

The Legislative Chairman shall preside over the Legislative Committee and draft such resolutions for changes in the laws relative to assessments or collection of taxes.

The Convention Coordinator shall be responsible for booking convention sites that will have sufficient rooms, meeting facilities, dining accommodations and entertainment. He will have charge of the convention mailings and will work in cooperation with the Association Secretary relative to the overall planning and registration duties. The Convention Coordinator shall be responsible for all interactions with the hotel staff and, with the Association Treasurer, shall be responsible for all charges to the hotel’s Tax Collector Association Master Account.

The Workshop Coordinator shall be responsible for organization of the Spring Workshops and working closely with the Executive Board in preparation of these meetings.


The Executive Committee shall meet at the call of the President at such time and place as he may designate. Members attending shall be entitled to travel expense on vouchers to be signed by the President. This committee shall have general supervision over the affairs of the Association; shall have power to fill vacancies on the list of elected officers and shall determine the time and place of the annual convention. Four members shall constitute a quorum at any meeting.

The Legislative Committee shall consider and draft such resolutions for changes in the laws relative to assessment or collection of taxes as may, in its opinion, be of advantage to the Collectors and to the State. When such proposals shall have been approved by the Association or by the Executive committee, the Legislative Committee shall have bills drafted embodying such proposed legislation and, after conference with the State of New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration, may cause such bills to be introduced. They shall attend hearings thereon and cause every effort to be made to secure favorable action by the Legislature. They may, in like manner, record their opposition to present laws or to proposed legislation.

The Committee of Finance shall be the prudential committee of the association. This committee may from time to time request information from the Secretary or Treasurer and may report their findings and recommendations to the Association or to the Executive Committee. They shall also audit the books of the Treasurer at the end of the fiscal year and shall file a report thereon at the annual convention.

The County Coordinators shall contact newly elected or appointed Tax Collectors in their county. They shall hold an annual meeting of all Tax Collectors from their respective counties on issues relating to tax collection. The President of the Association shall be invited to the county meetings. They shall report any news items to the Director of Public Relations. The County Coordinators shall give a report regarding their county meetings at the annual fall conference.

The Certification Committee shall be comprised of Tax Collectors and City & Town Clerks who are appointed by the committee chairperson. They shall coordinate all aspects of the certification program. Such duties include securing a school where the program will be held, working with school officials to reserve classrooms, dormitories and social rooms. The committee shall design the classroom curriculum and enlist instructors for such classes. It shall prepare and mail the application forms and collect the tuition. The committee shall have a slate of officers comprised of the chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary, treasurer, social director and record keeper. It shall also be the duty of the committee to keep attendance records for the certification week and for the various conventions, spring workshops and regional meetings held by both organizations. The committee shall give a report at the annual fall convention.

The Education Committee shall research subject matter and prospective speakers for workshops and the annual conference sessions. It shall present suggestions to the Executive Committee for consideration and approval.

The Scholarship Committee shall meet to review the scholarship applications for the certification program. It shall prepare a report of the selection(s) for the scholarship awards and present said report to the Executive Committee for approval.

The Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the President no later than June 1 and consist of three members, one of whom shall be a Past President. Said Nominating Committee shall present a report of the candidate for office after the consideration of unfinished business at the annual convention followed by the election of said officers.

The By-Law Committee shall be comprised of three members chosen by the President. This committee shall report to the President and Executive Board any changes that may need to be made to the by-laws during the year. The changes to the Constitution must be presented to the entire Association in writing and shall be sent out at least one week prior to the meeting at which they will vote.