Constitution and By-Laws

Printable version – Constitution and By-Laws as amended 10/22/15


ARTICLE I.      Name and Mission Statement
ARTICLE II.    Membership
ARTICLE III.    Officers and Committees
ARTICLE IV.    Meetings
ARTICLE V.     Assessments
ARTICLE VI.     Quorum
ARTICLE VII.    Amendments
ARTICLE VIII.  Dissolution

ARTICLE I.  Name and Mission Statement.
The Association shall be called the “New Hampshire Tax Collectors’ Association”.  The Mission of the New Hampshire Tax Collectors’ Association is to collect and disseminate information necessary to enable tax collectors to successfully understand their responsibilities and to competently perform their duties in conformity with all pertinent laws.  We strive to work with diligence and cooperation and to encourage an atmosphere of mutual respect and assistance among tax collectors and all those with whom we come in contact.    9/5/40; 10/17/45; amended 10/15/09

ARTICLE II.  Membership.
Active members shall consist of persons holding office of tax collector, deputy tax collector, and/or persons actively performing all the duties of tax collector/deputy with approval of the Executive Committee in each city and town in the state of New Hampshire, upon payment of dues for each person, and of such other persons as may become active members in the manner herein after provided. 9/16/49; 10/17/91; 10/22/15

Any person may be elected to honorary membership by a two-thirds vote of the members present at any regular meeting. Honorary members shall be exempt from payment of all dues or assessments but shall have no vote in the proceedings of the Association.

Former Tax Collectors or Deputy Tax Collectors elected to honorary membership may, upon written application to the Secretary, and with approval of a majority of the members of the Executive Committee, become active members of the Association upon payment of the current annual dues or assessments.   9/5/40; 11/3/43

Associate Membership
This type of membership shall enjoy all privileges of the membership except the right to vote and the privilege of holding office, but may serve on committees and boards of the Association in an advisory capacity.

  • Associate Membership – Individuals
    Former Tax Collectors/Deputies. Such persons may become members upon       expressing desire to do so and payment of applicable dues.
  •  Associate Membership – Business Concerns
  • Such membership shall be available upon request in writing of any firm     expressing and demonstrating an interest in the ideals and purpose of the      Association.
  • Approval of such request to the Executive Committee for Associate          membership shall require a majority vote of the Executive Committee.          Membership shall become contingent upon payment of annual dues.
  • The Executive Committee reserves the right to limit the number of representatives of a member in this category attending any one function of this Association.

Any associate membership shall be revocable by a majority vote of the Executive Committee. 10/5/94; 9/9/97; 10/22/15

 ARTICLE III. Officers and Committees.

Section 1 – There shall be elected by majority vote every even numbered year beginning at the 2016 annual meeting the following officers of the Association: President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director of Public Relations, Director at Large, Legislative Chairman, Conference Coordinator, Workshop Coordinator and the Education Chairman. The said Committee of Officers shall have authority to incur such expenses as the purposes of the Association may require. 9/11/47; 9/9/61; 9/11/71; 9/12/80; 8/24/93; 9/9/97; 9/26/00; 10/22/15

Section 2  – There shall be an Executive Committee to consist of the officers as named in Section 1. The President of the Association shall be, ex-officio, chairman of the Executive Committee, and the Secretary shall be the clerk thereof.  11/9/44; 9/11/47;  9/9/61

Section 3 – There shall be a Legislative Committee consisting of the Legislative Chairman and no fewer than four members. 9/9/97; 10/15/09; 10/22/15

Section 4 – There shall be a Finance Committee of no fewer than three members appointed by the President. In addition to its other duties, this Committee will audit all books and records associated with the New Hampshire Tax Collectors’ Association at the end of the respective fiscal year and a report shall be given no later than the annual meeting.   The Second Vice-President shall serve on this committee.  9/13/95, 10/10/96; 10/22/15

Section 5 – There shall be an Education Committee consisting of no fewer than 5 committee representatives appointed by the Education Chairman plus a representative from DRA.  The Second Vice-President shall serve on this committee. 10/15/09; 10/22/15

Section 6 –  Special committees may be appointed by the President or elected as the Association may direct, at an annual or special meeting and the President shall have the power to fill vacancies in any standing or special committee. 10/15/09

Section 7 – Officers and Chairmen of Committees shall be required to render yearly reports to the Association, or in the case of Special Committees, at such time and place as the President may order or as directed by a majority vote of the Association. 9/9/97

Section 8 – All officers and committees of this Association shall serve without pay, except for those positions as determined by the Executive Committee to be salaried. Said salaries shall be set by the Executive Committee for the proper discharge of their respective duties and to cover incidental expenses not directly chargeable to the Association. 11/3/43, 11/9/44, 9/11/47, 10/10/53, 8/24/93; 10/22/15

ARTICLE IV. Meetings.

Section 1 – The annual meeting shall be held at such time and place as the Executive Committee may determine and a notice thereof shall be distributed to each member of the Association at least one week in advance of the date set for said meeting. 11/3/43, 9/9/97; 10/22/15

Section 2 – Special meetings may be called at the discretion of the Executive Committee of which due notice shall be given at least one week in advance of the date set for said meeting.     9/9/97; 10/22/15

ARTICLE V.  Assessments

Section 1 – There shall be an annual individual assessment of twenty dollars ($20.00) for any active or individual associate member and twenty-five dollars ($25.00) assessment for a business associate member to be determined annually by the Executive Committee. This shall be due and payable to the Secretary or his or her appointed Agent of the Association on or before June 30th in each year.  10/15/98, 9/26/00; 10/22/15

Section 2 – The Secretary or his or her appointed Agent shall within a reasonable time turn over all money so received to the Treasurer, taking that officer’s receipt therefore. 11/3/43, 9/9/97, 9/26/00

Section 3 – Registration Fees. The registration fee shall be determined by the Executive Committee prior to the annual meeting.


Ten (10) active members in good standing shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business of the Association at any regular or special meeting.  10/22/15

ARTICLE VII. Amendments.
This constitution may be amended at any meeting by a two-thirds vote of the members present provided, however, that no such action shall be valid unless a copy of the proposed amendment is enclosed with the notice of such meeting, to be given at least one week in advance thereof.  9/5/40

ARTICLE VIII. Dissolution.
Be it resolved that in the event it should become necessary for the New Hampshire Tax Collectors’ Association to be dissolved, and once outstanding encumbrances and responsibilities have been met, any assets should be sold or otherwise dispensed.  Finally, Association monies will be distributed evenly to New Hampshire cities and towns and unincorporated places. 10/15/09