Annual Conference & Workshop Handouts

2020 Spring Workshop
2020 Tax Liening
2020 Tax Deeding
2020 Refunds vs Overpayments
2020 Leg Session_NHTCA Legislative Committee

2019 Spring Workshop
New Interest Rate Clarification
HB1673 – Interest Charged on Late & Delinquent Property Taxes
2019 Tax Liening
2019 Tax Deeding
NHTCA Spring 2019 – Elderly Disabled Tax Deferral
Tax Deferral for Elderly and Disabled

2019 Education Conference
Bankruptcy Eligibility
2019 Tax Lien Overview
2019 Tax Deed Overview
2019 Legislative Update
Emergency Procedures Editable Flip Chart Template
How to Respond to Active Shooter Situation
Emergency Response Procedures
Right to Know (2019 Certification)

2018 Spring Workshop
2018 Spring Workshop- Court Case Update
2018 Spring Workshop Presentation – Due Process
Polonsky Amicus Brief – SUBMITTED
Prepayments vs Overpayments
2018 Tax Lien
Locating Property Owners
2018 Tax Deeding
Social Media Policy

2018 Education Conference
Record Retention
Tax Lien Overview
Tax Deed Overview
Tax Collector Duties
Calendar of Duties
Legislative Update Fall 2018
2018 Passed Legislation
Legislative -Docket Abbreviations & Glossary of Terms

Town of Salem Tax Colletor Record Retention Policy
Town of Derry – Muicipal Records Retention Policy
Certificate of Mailing

2017 Spring Workshop
NHTCA State Legislation Tracking
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
Perfecting the Tax Lien
Right to Know

2017 Education Conference
Deposit Options – (lockbox, virtual, cash & checks)
Tax Lien Overview
Intro to Yield, Excavation & Land Use Change Taxes
Current Use Easements (2013)
Security in the Office
Tax Deed Overview
Legislative Update Fall 2017
Legislative Glossary Update
Legislative Bill Descriptions
Tax Deeded Property Repurchase