President’s Message

November, 2013

Welcome to the Official Website of the NH Tax Collectors’ Association

This site is designed to be used by our members but also to help promote our Association to the public.

Each year the Education and Certification Committees of the Association offer opportunities for education, training and networking.  The New Tax Collectors Workshop held at the Department of Revenue offices in April, the four Spring Workshops held at locations throughout the state in March and April, the NHTCA/NHCTCA Joint Certification Program in August and the Annual Conference in September are all excellent options available to you.  I also encourage you to join the Northeast Regional Tax Collectors and Treasurers Association, another group dedicated to sharing knowledge related to our profession.

The latest and greatest resource available to us is the Recommended Policy & Procedure Manual, the use of which will help to promote uniformity in practices and applications of statutory procedures.

The Legislative Committee monitors legislation involving municipal tax collection and promotes the adoption of state legislation that will provide for more efficient and effective means of property tax collection.

I hope you will become more involved in our Association. There are big ways and little ways you can accomplish this, from helping out at a Spring Workshop to becoming a Committee or Board Member.  Please say “yes”, you won’t regret it!

This website is updated regularly with meeting minutes, news, registration information and other items of interest. Executive Board members contact information can be found under Organization Information.  Please let us know if you have any suggestions for improvement.

I’m looking forward to a great year!

Kathleen A. Sylvia, CTC
NHTCA President